Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowdrops in January // Кокичета през януари

Today these tiny flowers made my day. In the garden I found some snowdrops and decide to take few pics of them. Now I remembered that few years ago I was in the same place on the same time and I've had similar session with snowdrops.

By the way seeing such flowers in January is a bit odd because old people say that when the snowdrops appear it means that the Spring is coming.

Днес едни съвсем мънички нежни цветя ми усмихнаха денят. В градините се появиха цъфнали кокичета и аз успях да се сдобия с няколко. Спомням си, че преди няколко години отново гостувах тук и отново успях през януари да заснема няколко такива

Това явление си е необичайно, защото в България се вярва, че кокичетата са предвестници на пролетта. 

images: radostina for 79ideas 


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love snowdrops.

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing :)Have a lovely day, Radostina!

  3. Simply perfect these flowers. Love your pictures. ;)

  4. it is such a lovely name for a flower, ans I love the photos! beautiful...

  5. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to
    :) Take care!

  6. Snowdrops are my favorite flowers as they're the ones that appear first in the new year - here in Switzerland usually around end of February, just around my birthday. They always make my day!!

    Lucky you for having them in January!


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