Monday, September 1, 2014

How the designer lives or a beautiful home in London

September just started and think it is about time to end my vacation and to be more serious with the posts here. First let’s start the day with the amazingly beautiful home of the designer Faye Toogood. Her cozy late-Georgian home is located in London and is full of antique and modern furniture, flea market treasures (a 19th century sofa is combined with mid-century Italian table, vintage Swedish lights and Ikea furniture, Moroccan tiles – those are just few of the examples). I love how Faye is not afraid to experiment. For example in her kitchen the simple Ikea cabinets are modified with oversized wooden coat hooks that make it more interesting and original. The designer loves to create still life composition and this is visible in the dining area. Every corner here is beautifully styled but I have to admit that I adore the blue bathroom with the handmade Moroccan tiles and the Victorian tub.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Old California by "Wind & Bradford"

Ugh, everyone today is talking about the end of the summer and since I don't want to talk and think about that… I decided to share the work of the two amazing photographers from California - Wind & Bradford. They are sisters, grew up in Vermont and have passion for photography, fashion and photo journalism. Most of their stories are bathed in golden light, with stunning warm colors that remind me of one particular season, but I won't say which because I don't want it to start just yet and because I don't want the other - my favorite season - to end. 

So enjoy these beautiful pictures that shows the life in California like it was before.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall ideas by "French Connection"

I’m always happy to browse the new home-ware catalogue by French Connection. I found there some pretty amazing stuff and the style is always so recognizable. Probably none of us is surprised that the popular fashion brand also created a pretty fall home collection, because we all know there is a tight connection between the trends in the fashion and those of the interiors.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lovely jewelry collection by "Aloha Gaia"

Hello there,
How is your day going? 
I decided today to stay away from the daily routine of showing beautiful interiors and places and to share with you few very beautiful pieces of jewelry. The brand Aloha Gaia is from Russia, created by the designer Dara Muscat (blogger, designer, artist, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand). These jewelry pieces are very delicate and with clean and simple design, maybe little bohemian if you will. 
Here are my most favorite pieces, but there are a lot more here. Aloha Gaia is inspired by the power of nature, stones, plants and everything beautiful around us.

The creative space

Just a simple creative studio that I like pretty much. The pictures are taken by the fantastic photographer Stellan Herner as part of a project for the popular Absolut vodka and a creative campaign for that brand. I’m trying to inspire myself and finally to take the step and create a space like that in my home. I have a room that stays empty for two months now and I still can’t decide in which direction to go with it. And since 79ideas is something like my personal notebook for inspiration, I don’t mind to share it here. I hope you will have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gorgeous holiday home in France

This is the place where Laurence Simoncini, co-founder of the Parisian concept store Serendipity escapes for the summer. The color palette is only earth tones - all shades of brown, grey and black, raw and natural materials, textures, fabrics and concrete. This house looks to me like an art gallery - with all these recycled items inside, beautiful art, ceramic, French design lighting by Jielde. I know that I'm a lover of the white full of light interiors, but this house is spectacular the way just it is.

Monday, August 25, 2014

White Caribbean beach villa

Try to forget that today is Monday and let’s go to visit a gorgeous Caribbean villa with natural color palette. Because when September starts probably we won’t look that often at the beautiful summer retreats. The house has open structure, stunning outdoor areas and is a great collaboration between the Dutch designer Piet Boon and the interior designer Karin Meyn. The duo is remarkable and popular with their timeless design, usage of natural materials and eye for the aesthetics. There is a sentence that says ”Heaven is a little closer in a house by the sea” and looking at this beautiful work by Piet Boon I truly believe in that.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Rustic Australian home

Wow, I don't know how this week passed so quickly, but it is true - it’s Friday already. Are you ready for another beautiful home tour? This time we are going to Australia to see a rustic Queensland country home. Plenty of items discovered on the flea markets, rattan furniture, old books and bottles - it looks like every item received a second chance for life in this house. I will not hide that I love the small workspace corner. If you are curious for more pictures please you can find more here.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life with a dog

Hello friends, How are you today? 
Yesterday I was thinking a lot about my dog. I have an amazing (probably every dog owner would say that), cute 7 years old pug. He stays with my mum now in Bulgaria while I figure out how to bring him here in USA. And I miss him so badly.
This week I found few very cute links, that every dog owner would love:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The perfect place for reading

Yesterday, I did something very unusual. Instead of reading books for self-improvement, which I do all the time I read a book just for pleasure. I had a copy of “Annie Leibovitz at work” back in Prague, but I read just separate parts of it. And yesterday I took a day off from my routine, stayed at home and read the book from cover to cover. And I felt incredible happy. When was the last time that you felt like that? 
The only thing that would probably make me even happier is if I had the chance to read the book in a beautiful place like this one. That’s the perfect place for reading, don't you think? It is a part of a small guest house, but I found this corner so aesthetically beautiful.

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