Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Let's add some more drama!

I feel that I have create a bit different post here in order to break the white, summer routine. OK yes, this apartment also has a lot of blue, but it is different type - dramatic and moody. I was keeping it in my super-secret folder because it is the apartment of Niels - the creative director of the Danish brand Frama. Besides the blue you can find there beautiful furniture, wood, metal, concrete, grey and so many different textures. The stunning pictures were taken by one of my favorite photographers Ditte Isager for Kinfolk magazine.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shh... Three stolen DIY ideas, because mine didn’t work out well

Okay, now I will make a confession - I love DIY projects. I really love them. It is an interesting way to boost your creativity. But the reason I don’t show DIY projects very often is that sometimes they are not very successful and/or they don’t look good. And of course I can’t show you useless DIY and pretend that it is good because it will be misleading. Today I had to show you my own DIY project which did not work very well, so I decided to borrow few beautiful and creative ideas that I like from other bloggers. 

Let's go to Mexico

Oh, wow for that small two bedroom house located in the beautiful Pacific seascape that caught my eye today. It is a gorgeous mix of personality and beautiful things from all over the Mexico: colorful rugs, lovely blankets and handcrafted chairs, everything fits perfectly in that white space and adds a bit of playfulness and life. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

The other colors of the summer

Are you enjoying the summer? If you have to think in colors, in what colors is your summer? 
I used to have summers in white and blue while I was in Europe, but here in California the summer has different colors - more brown and green. Like the colors of this small moodboard, that I hope will brighten our Monday. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

White summer retreat in Greece

Are you ready to be amazed? You better be, because the place that I am going to take you to now is breathtaking, inspiring and timeless... oh yes and very white. I love how simple and stylish is this villa on the Greek island Mykonos.  It was built with the idea to keep the incredible view and I think the white is not too much at all.But if for some reason this place was not enough for you let me show you also a gorgeous hotel on the same island with a slight bohemian taste or just for comparison quite the opposite – a small traditional Greek house.

Which of the three styles you like the most?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Idea: How to store fresh herbs and edible flowers

Happy Friday everyone, again it is Friday and I don't how it is possible that this week finished so fast. Probably because I’m in a new place, doing new things, meeting new friends and everything is changing so fast… the time just flies. And I will have a busy weekend again - meeting friends and even clients and I am so excited.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is creativity enough to turn a tiny space into a cozy home?

Do you know what I like the most in the small apartments? They look a bit like a playground, a field where you can show your skills, where you can use your imagination and be creative. When the owner is a talented and stylish person – the result is just WOW. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorite summer coffee

Let me tell you my latest passion - making my own ice vanilla latte. Lovely and fresh idea, perfect for the summer. I like it so much that just yesterday I drank four big cups and today I already finished my third one and I'm ready for the next as you can see on the pictures. And the recipe is really simple and it is a new, fun way for me to diversify my black coffee drinking routine.
And you need only two ingredients! Are you ready?

A little escape to Southwest France

I wanted to write a design mix post today with the beautiful items that I found pretty recently, but I couldn’t. Not after I saw this amazing place that makes me dream for vacation and France. This is the place where the fashion designer Julia Leach from the brand Chance relaxes, recharges her batteries and gets inspired. Dorodgne (near Bordeaux in Southwest France) is the place where this lovely stone house is located and inside is like a summer dream to me - white, simple but with plenty of old furniture and accessories from the past.  I can totally imagine how recharging everything is there. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

City posters - a bit different by studio Esinam

How cool are those posters created by the Swedish design studio Esinam.
In a different and minimalistic form the designers Josefine and Sebastian (art director and architect) are trying to capture the feeling of various popular cities around the world - Berlin, Tokyo and Paris. I’m going for Berlin, but which one you'd choose?

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