Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn mood in a Scandinavian home

I think it is finally time for a home tour. Today I would like to share with you the fantastic work of the interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg and one of my favorite photographers Petra Bindel. Together they prepared for the autumn this cozy Scandinavian apartment. The accents here are grey, green, wood, rattan, marble, metal - silver and bronze and beautiful soft textile. Personally I love the small rounded table in the kitchen and the simplicity of the bedroom. 

Happy Coffee Day

Few days ago, when I wrote about the mornings and how important the coffee is for me I didn’t have an idea that the international coffee day is coming, so I have to start again with the coffee topic for, because it is today! 
I can admit that I have addiction to very few things: internet, my cameras and… the other thing is the coffee. I can’t imagine my life without it. Before my first coffee in the morning I think that my body and mind works on 10%, I can’t talk… can’t do anything. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cozy Autumn Sunday

Hey how is your Sunday gong? I was thinking about the cozy and still warm autumn weekends when we all wear comfortable boots, soft sweaters in beautiful, natural colors. Combine it with jeans and you have the perfect outfit for a day spent in the forest. I always wanted to go to pick mushrooms or just to walk in the forest, but I didn't have the chance to do it for so long. But at least I can enjoy the stunning pictures by Anna Kern and the stylist Eva Lindh for Lantliv. And if you are in Europe and your Sunday is going to end - you can dream with me and prolong it for a bit more.
P.S. And don't forget to have a great week. It depends on you. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The black bedroom

Recently we all see here and there interiors with one darker accent wall - blue, dark green, black. But what if you have the whole room painted in black? Would you like it? Since black is a color that I really like I found this bedroom very cozy and comfortable. Perfect for the autumn/winter season. The decoration is minimal and the monochrome color palette is refreshed by the fresh green plants.

Inspiring creative space in Brooklyn

Ah, this lovely creative space in Brooklyn!!! It is the place where the talented designer and artist Alina Preciado works, creates and is inspired for her different projects. Her industrial-eclectic loft is situated in an old building in Brooklyn and has lovely collection of things that she found during her travels in Еurope and Asia. I love Alina’s glass vessels collection, the industrial chairs and the windows. This inspiring place makes me think how important is for the workspace to be comfortable, beautiful and cozy. 
Do you think that charming and inspiring workspace helps to boost your productivity and creativity?
P.S. more creative spaces like this you can find in my special pinterest board or here and here

Oversize knitting

I was almost ready to post about a beautiful black bedroom today, but this post can't wait. I have to tell you about this amazing collaboration between two talented crafters - Jacqueline Fink from Little Dandelion (we visited her home some time ago and I was mentioning her stunning work when we discussed the styling of the fabulous Glen Proebstel long long time ago) and the ceramist and stylist Lara Hutton. Jacqueline creates hand knitted oversized textiles. I'm speechless. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I want to eat here: Kul / Copenhagen

I know that I’m talking about restaurants very often, but this one is really amazing. “Kul” is a very cozy place in Copenhagen designed in 2014 by “Space Copenhagen”. The concept is to create a California-inspired charcoal restaurant for two young Michelin-star chefs. The designer tried to keep the industrial feel but also to give the space a very charming touch with the dark, intimate atmosphere. I love, love, love the interesting black Shade lights by Mater and I think that the Windsor chairs fit perfectly there. What a beautiful space, isn’t it?

First dose of home fall inspiration

You know what - today is the first day of the autumn. Did you already started thinking of redecorating your home and switching to fall mood? I did and this season I like a lot the grey and the different natural textures. I found a lot of inspiration in the catalogue of the New Zealand brand “Nest” - do you know it? It is a very stylish home ware brand from Auckland that collects beautiful pieces from all over the world. Right next to the Portuguese ceramics, the washed linen bedding is something to die for - so cozy.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh, dear coffee - thank you.

Hey there,
Thank you for coming again here. Are you a morning person? Or do you stay late at night and the mornings are just not your favorite time of the day? 

Personally I still can't decide yet, but there is something that I can’t live without. The coffee. This is the only thing that is with me every single morning since… forever. It helps me to switch my mind on and in an active mode. And because today is Monday and it is hard time for everyone, stop for a moment and celebrate with me these little starters that help us every day - the coffee, the cup of tea, the breakfast. Ok, now go and promise to have a great start of the week. 
P.S. here is my favorite summer coffee recipe.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Romantic Friday

I could not resist - so powerful emotion is contained in these two pictures. And since we are discussing the early Autumn this week, I think that they are very suitable. From one side, we still have warm weather and the summer sun, but somehow everything is burned and brown hues of the fall dominate everywhere. This fantastic work by David Bellemere for Marie Claire Italia September '11 simply makes me dream. And I think that few romantic notes on Friday morning wouldn't hurt anyone.

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