Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A little escape to Southwest France

I wanted to write a design mix post today with the beautiful items that I found pretty recently, but I couldn’t. Not after I saw this amazing place that makes me dream for vacation and France. This is the place where the fashion designer Julia Leach from the brand Chance relaxes, recharges her batteries and gets inspired. Dorodgne (near Bordeaux in Southwest France) is the place where this lovely stone house is located and inside is like a summer dream to me - white, simple but with plenty of old furniture and accessories from the past.  I can totally imagine how recharging everything is there. 

Enjoy these beautiful pictures from Lonny magazine. And if I have to mention some practical ideas that all of us could borrow for our modern homes – it would be the open kitchen shelves. They look so stylish with that glass and ceramic on them, don’t you think?

photography: mark eden schooley for lonny magazine


  1. Such an amazing house! Really lovely ;) Love the wooden floor, the light tones (mainly white) there so much harmony in these space! It must be great for recharge the batteries, I understand why she goes here ...just gorgeous!!

  2. No nejvíc! Tam bych se přestěhovala okamžitě!

    1. tak ja jen doufam ze ty se splny ten sen a budes mit kraaasna dovolena ve francie. :)

  3. What a cool room. I love the design and want to apply on my house for my Bedroom Decor ideas. Thanks.

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  4. those dishes and glasses are fantastic!


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