Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apartment with Industrial Touch ♥ Апартамент с индустриален привкус

This beautiful home with industrial touches belongs to Jakob Nylund. Jakub is a talented Swedish photographer with beautiful portfolio and really charming home. So many interesting details you can find there and I especially love the simplicity of his home office corner. If you have few more minutes take the time to browse through Jakob’s wonderful blog - I'm sure you will be inspired by his talent.

Този красив дом с индустриални акценти принадлежи на Jakob Nylund. Якоб е талантлив шведски фотограф и арт директор с впечатляващо портфолио и много чаровен дом. Изключително много интересни детайли можете да откриете тук, като аз особено харесвам изчистеността на домашния му офис. 
Ако имате няколко повечко минутки отделете време, за да разгледате чудесния блог на Якоб, сигурна съм че талантът му ще ви вдъхновни. 

{ images: Jakob Nylund via: blackbird }


  1. There is something I really like at this appartment, I think it's because of the combination with wood and other natural elemenst..

  2. Samira - wood and natural elements is my favorite combination too ;) and also few vintage details. Ah...

  3. wow, this man has a great taste! i really like the apartment, its not too stylish but still very special!
    hugs to you! svenja

  4. I love this home! Probably a little TOO industrial for me, but I love all the white and clean open spaces!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


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  6. Great-with a touch of art, the beauty shows!

  7. I would love hear in a heartbeat. I love the clean lines, the open space, yet the amazing touches that take this apartment from house to home.

  8. i posted this home to my blog, after seeing it here, thanks for sharing =)


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