Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Colorful Ruffle Rose Pillows ♥ Накъдрени под формата на розички възглавнички

Quite by accident I found in ETSY this lovely shop and as usually I am in a hurry to share its treasures with you. I adore the idea to have a bright “rainbow” in your living room made of... ruffle rose pillows. 

More colorful suggestions you can get by going to the Etsy home of “That Funky Boutique”.

Съвсем случайно открих в ETSY този прекрасен магазин и както обикновено бързам да споделя съкровищата с вас. Обожавам идеята да имаш в хола си ярка дъга от.. накъдрени под формата на розички възглавнички.

Още цветни предложения можете да откриете като посетите страницата на “That Funky Boutique”.


  1. Всички цветове на дъгата :)

  2. omg that's amazing, Thank you! I was looking for those rose pillows for ages

  3. Lovely! I want to sit there and eat cupcakes! :)


  4. I love these pillows!!

    'Please visit our new website'

  5. So lovely, I really want those pillows :D!

  6. Radostina!! I had to print the first picture and hang it on my inspiration board. It´s already here, in front of me!! tks for sharing

  7. Oooww.. what a beautiful home!! I would also like to have that house :))) Cordial greetings, Herma

  8. Hello girls and thank you for your comments - they make me really happy. I have to admit that I was sure that you will love these pillows - they are so colorful and create really good mood.
    @Carmen I'm so happy to help you with your work - you have to tell us more about it - sounds very interesting ;)

  9. such a cute idea! I´m such a ruffles-fan ;o)
    sunny greetings from germany, geisslein


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