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Hello and welcome to “79 ideas”. I am Radostina Boseva and I don’t feel comfortable to write about myself so... please be indulgent. :)

I have a master’s degree in History, but I work as a stylist, photographer and art director. 

Every day I see so many pretty things in the Internet – interiors, art, fashion, styling, decoration … so I’ve decided to create “79 ideas” as a place where to collect all these lovely things which I discover. And that’s why one day after many many years my blog will be the most beautiful blog in the world :)  For sure. So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find something really beautiful that deserves attention.

I am Bulgarian (born in the beautiful city of Varna), but since 2005 I am living in Prague, Czech Republic and I would love to see more other places in the world and maybe in some of them even to stay for a while ;)


All beautiful pink stuff starting from hairpins to pink bikes – as long as it is pink – I love it.

Bad words and curses - I have never ever used bad language and I will never do. Some of my friends even make jokes of me about this.. and are trying to make me say some of these words.. they haven’t succeeded until now ;)

I like the Graphic design.. well after all I am a graphic designer :). Everything related to the graphic design - calligraphy, web design, advertising and so on. I like beautiful decoration. I like old and modern furniture. I love all kind of flowers - as long as they are alive and not artificial. I like even some new hi-tech thingies – if they aren’t too complicated and blinking like in a disco club.

Being late - either me being late, or someone else being late when I'm waiting.

My Family - I have two really cool guys at home.

Broken promises - sometimes it happens.. and it's not fun.

Softball - this is one of my oldest passions. I love this game!

To manage money. I like to spend them, that’s for sure... but when it comes to managing them - count me out. Thanks God I have Martin to organize our finances.

The Music - it's a vital part of my life, helps me to relax and organize my thoughts. I can listen "La traviata" and after this Lily Allen, Depeche mode and then Adele, Linkin Park and Hurts, Bach and Metallica.

My Friends - well.. who doesn't!

My piano. It is really something special for me... Its like my BFF and helps me to forget all the problems and troubles.

Lies and cheating.

I really love to dream I can spend hours (sometimes even days) just sitting, looking somewhere and visiting distant worlds in my thoughts, conquering mountains...

Heights. While writing this and searching in Google if it is correctly spelled in English I found out that it is called an Acrophobia - Fear of heights.

Handmade things - I love to create various stuff with my own hands, it is bringing me huge pleasure. Even if what I produce is not getting perfect from the first time..

My insomnia. Sometimes I can’t close my eyes for days.

Bags and Shoes - well I am a girl after all ;)

Pens and Notebooks - another big passion.. I have thousands.

To bring something new at home.. - a small flower or a coffee cup - it doesn’t really matter. 

I really don't like real-fur clothes. Why should someone die because of me? Just to “decorate” myself in something beautiful and to be well dressed?! No, thanks!

I love to listen to the sea. And to watch it too. Just to be near it…

I don’t like when I forgot for some engagements, to not respond to e-mails or comments. But sometimes I really don’t have enough time. So please forgive me, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. ;)

I love photo cameras. Although I have digital SLR, I prefer those old analogue cameras working with film. I have 4 now but I already dream about fifth ;)

Thank you for reading till the end ;)


  1. I'm a brazilian biologist that loves design and I just know your blog and you. I love all that you posted! Congratulations! I'll see your blog everyday.

  2. hi i am a make up artist from south africa and love all the same things... you go girl

  3. hello my name is cecilia, i just discovered your beauties
    i really enjoy the ride through every post.
    i'm copywriter in love with design, graphic and interior, and of course travel to meet people and places.
    i live in lima, peru, so wellcome when ever you want to my beautiful country: peru.
    bisous, you have a new fan

  4. Радостина, споделям вашето пристрастие към скандинавския стил в интериора/така открих блога Ви/. Дано да мога по-често да следя какво публикувате, споделям че ако така продължавате ще бъдете с най-красивия блог в света. Аз също съм ловец на красота.

  5. You've got a really beautiful blog and I love the way you wrote about yourself - so genuine, honest and nice. I will be coming back :) Congratulations for creating such a beautiful space

  6. Beautiful blog! Love your list of loves and "not so much". :)

  7. Hi Radostina:) My name is Sandi and I live in the States, two as a matter of fact, Phoenix & Colorado. I love all the things you do and also dislike the same ones with the fish bones. haha! Your blog is beautiful and I enjoy it very much. It always makes my heart happy to see all the beauty in this world. I'm kinda addicted to it:) Thanks for sharing with us and nice to meet you.


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