Tuesday, July 22, 2014

City posters - a bit different by studio Esinam

How cool are those posters created by the Swedish design studio Esinam.
In a different and minimalistic form the designers Josefine and Sebastian (art director and architect) are trying to capture the feeling of various popular cities around the world - Berlin, Tokyo and Paris. I’m going for Berlin, but which one you'd choose?

photography: studio esinam


  1. That's a really nice and uncommon idea! I like it alot, personally I would choose the Berlin poster, love the classic architecture ;)


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  3. I'd say that I'd have to go with Tokyo, although Berlin comes at a close second. ;) Sorry Paris! This are way cool, I've just recently became a little bit obsessed with posters and these are such a treat!
    Deanna | Curly Top

  4. how cool is this!!
    I love both Berlin and paris but if I have to pick just one I´ll pick Paris.... just love it

    Love your blog
    Stína Sæm

  5. Preciosos, especialmente Tokio!

  6. oohhh,so amazing. my favorite is Paris as always, but most important is full feeling


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