Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Small Girly Apartment with Smart Ideas

If you have a tiny apartment with lack of space, probably you are constantly looking for smart space saving ideas. So am I. Here I have a great example for girls… white one-bedroom apartment, where the bedroom is actually… hidden into the wardrobe. You open the door and the bed jumps in. This is clever, because the only room that you have should look more like living area instead of mixture of living, dining space and bedroom. I love the pastel accents here and there but most of all I like the gorgeous mix of white and wood and the usage of empty, but beautiful old crates. So… how do you like the space?

photography: fantastic frank


  1. Love this. My idea of heaven. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lovely apartment...I would love a place like that for me

  3. Wow! The hidden bedroom is so clever!

  4. what a great space


  5. your home is so refreshing. May I please inquire as to the living room wall paint color and brand? I find whites to be so tricky, they are either blue, or gray. You have such a good eye and talent for photography, that your walls appear to be white, like paper white, on my computer screen anyway. I thank you in advance. Enjoy what remains of spring!

  6. That bed in the wardrobe is wonderful. Once it's "lived in" then pops of colour just naturally appear.


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  8. I like how the bedroom has been separated by the living room, nice idea.

  9. This is my dream apartment :) x


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