Friday, May 17, 2013

How the Designer Lives: Stunning Home and Studio in Sao Paolo

After the colorful explosion in Mexico I will suggest you to calm down with the amazing home and studio of the designer Lucas Jimeno. The pictures were taken for Wish Casa magazine by The Ortitz
I must mention also the textile here - chosen carefully it adds delicate texture to all those muted colors in the house. So beautiful, isn't it?

И след чудесната цветна експлозия в Мексико, предлагам да успокоим нещата с един страхотен дом. В него живее и работи модният и интериорен дизайнер Lucas Jimeno. Снимките са направени са списание Wish Casa от The Ortitz
Единственото, което ми се иска да добавя е прекрасния текстил - избран много внимателно той добавя нежна текстура към приглушените цветове на къщата. Прекрасно, нали?

photography: the ortitz via: somewhere where i like to live


  1. The Designer lives in a gorgeous home, stylish with personality!

  2. Indeed :)
    Thank you for your comment Stella. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Me encanta y ese pequeño patio interior es flipante.
    Mucha personalidad tiene esta vivienda.

  4. Fint och vilken fantastisk innergård. Det skulle jag vilja ha. Ha en mysig kväll. Kram

  5. Simply gorgeous, love the neutral palette. I love colour but somehow I always find myself drown into a more neutral scheme when it comes to my home.

  6. Radostina, what about writing an article to a brazillian mag? If it interests you please email me (

  7. ahh i love this, i wish i knew where that giant mirror above the sofa is from, i have been searching everywhere for something similar.


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