Monday, February 11, 2013

White Home with Colorful Accents // Бял дом със свежи цветни акценти

Hello my dear readers.
How are you today? It's a new week and the best way to start it is with positivism. I offer you to take a look at this lovely Danish home here.
These few pictures are from the beautiful house of the illustrator and painter Louise Simony. I really like the colorful accents and the textile patterns here.

Привет на всички. Как сте днес?
Предлагам ви да започнем новата седмица с нещо свежо и позитивно. Надникнете в този чуден датски дом. Тези няколко снимки са от къщата на илюстраторът и художник Louise Simony. Много ми харесват малките цветни акценти и текстила използван за декорирането на дома. 

images: peter kragballe via: camilla tange via: nordic design


  1. страхотни материи и много светлина - I like

  2. Love the colour touches...beautiful

  3. Hi, a few times i was on your blog (i know russian,but i haven't special keyboard to write), but from now you can read my blog because I'm starting writing in English. Follow me :) All the best for you :)

  4. So beautiful! He choice the best colors :)

  5. What a beautiful home with just the right dashes of colorful pieces!! I love the hanging lights!! =)



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