Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In the Winter City // В градът през зимата

Beautiful winter walk in New York offers Alix of "The Cherry blossom girl". It made me start dreaming and hope that this will happen to you too.

Красива разходка в зимен Ню Йорк, предлага Аликс от "The Cherry blossom girl". Накара ме да се размечтая и се надявам, че така ще повлияе и на вас. 

images: cherry blossom girl via: sweet things blog


  1. Ah~beautiful beautiful winter time.

  2. Beautiful snow and city walk.
    Here is rainning and it is imposible to take a photo or even walk more than 5 minutes without feeling wet.
    Need a bit of "white light"

  3. Lovely winter pictures and I really love this season because I like to enjoy the snow with my family and last time we had great time….

  4. Nice view! I see pictures like these out of my Russia. Last night it was snowing. Magical evening! Magical season!

  5. We had our first few sniwflakes yesterday, but to be honest it did not look nearly as beautiful as these pictures. Granted, Montreal us no MY.

  6. Wow, it's definitely happened to me! New York and Winter, what a perfect combination, I'm just imagining walking down the streets now - beautiful!


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