Sunday, September 30, 2012

Party Decoration with Balloons // Балонена парти украса

What a wonderful idea for party decoration!
Balloons and garlands in gold and pink. All this is coming from a girl who calls herself a "certified balloonatic and Master Balloon-Trooper"- Juhan "Jihanimo" Zencirli and her lovely company "Geronimo". If you visit the Geronimo website you will find a lot more inspiration and charming balloon party ideas.

P.S. If you see some strange changes on today please do not be scared, the fault is not in your computer :) - I'm just doing some changes in the blog design to make it even more fresh and beautiful :)

Каква чудесна идея за парти декорация, нали? Балони и гирлянди в златно, розово и жълто. И всичко това идва от момиче, което нарича себе си "сертифициран балонатик и главен балонен офицер"  и нейната чудна компания "Geronimo". Ако посетите сайта и ще откриете още много вдъхновение и чаровни балонени парти идеи. 

И едно важно съобщение: ако забележите странни промени и изменения в блога днес, не се плашете - зад всичко това стоя аз, която се опитвам да добавя някакви промени в 79 ideas, за да си разкрася блогчето. 

// images: geronimo


  1. OH i love this party !!!So amazing colour and garlands!!

  2. Quiero una fiesta como esa ...
    No te pierdas Satchel Bag en

  3. The gold tassles and balloons look so amazing and celebratory together! And macaroons :O could it get any better?!

  4. Oh, thank you girls for you comment. I'm so happy that you noticed the small changes :)

  5. This set is amazing. I am glad I notice some similar design aesthetics we both implement into the images we use for posts (the colored dots) :)
    Lisa | Happy By

  6. Hi girl! First and foremost, congratulations on your new look. Divine! And second of all, I love this post on the balloons, now that is what I call celebrating in style.
    xoxo Susana from Two Clouds in the Sky

  7. Fantastic work, congratulations! i love yours ideas for party decorations, thay are so cute and funy.

  8. The decorations with balloons looks very beautiful and would be a perfect birthday decoration. The kids will love this kind of decorations very much.


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