Monday, April 16, 2012

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Oh, please take the time to browse those stunning pictures. This pretty home is designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. And I recomend you to browse through her gorgeous portfolio. It is full of inspiration. 

Ех, моля отделете време да разгледате тези прекрасни снимки. Този красив дом е по дизайн на Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. И много горещо ви препоръчвам да разгледате цялото и портфолио. Пълно е с вдъхновение. 

{ images: Lincoln Barbour }


  1. Absolutely stunning! I especially love the dining room table and the huge potted plant in the room! Thank you so much for sharing. Definitely going to look through her portfolio.

  2. I adore this place! Lots of natural light, beautiful colours, lovely furniture... what's not to love?!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  3. What an amazing home! So glad you shared this.

  4. what a beautiful home! had a little browse on Jessica's site, bautiful work
    x kat


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