Friday, September 9, 2011

White Inspiration on Friday ♥ Бяло вдъхновение в Петък

Hello hello,
Friday is finally here and I'm really happy to welcome it. I had really busy week and I really need some rest somewhere near a pretty lake, without TV, internet. Just like this white villa photographed by the talented Mary Beth Koeth

Did you already have some plans for the weekend?

Здравейте, здравейте
Най-накрая петък е тук и да си призная много му се радвам. Имах доста натоварена седмица и много ми се иска да я завърша почивайки края някое красиво езеро във вила като тази - без телевизор и интернет. Просто семпла и много уютна вила, заснета от изключителната фотографка Mary Beth Koeth

Вие имате ли вече планове за уикенда? 

{ images: Mary Beth Koeth }


  1. My dream house! White walls and wooden floors! :)

  2. Lovely veranda... and what a great view!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! Love them

  4. Whwere do you keep on finding these amazing pictures by amazing photographers??? Yur blog is a true source of inspiration!

  5. A nosotras nos encanta tu blog! Siempre con buenas ideas :)
    Atelier Decor¨{Vitoria Vaz}

  6. thanks for the shout out here. :)
    i'm loving your blog!

    mary beth

  7. Светна ми :))) Красиво и свежо, като глътка въздух...

  8. Houses done all in white always look so classy. I think it'd drive me mad after a while though, as there's no way you'd be able to get away with neglecting the dusting for a few days if you felt like it. Apart from anything, I know that there'd be some comedian who'd come for a visit and write their name in the dust. (I have to confess to doing that a few times myself when I was younger)

    I love that bed in the alcove. I like alcoves fullstop actually, they make fantastic book nooks too. Realistically, I'm probably going to have to be content with a rickety old bookshelf and a chair. The house valuation on my dream house would put it well out of my reach. It's not even particularly elaborate but I'll probably only achieve aspects of it. I'm ok with that though.


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