Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring ♥ Честита пролет

I love Gudrun Sjödén. Not only that their things are stunning, but they bring good mood, the pictures are gorgeous and inspirational and very very colorful. And is there better time than the first day of the spring for this? So starting today and effective immediately I say we throw away the  dark mood and surly faces and open the season of the smiles and happiness. :)

Happy Spring!

Много харесвам Gudrun Sjödén. Не само че нещата са фантастични, но и носят настроение, снимките в сайта са чудесни и вдъхновяващи и много много цветни. И какво по-подходящо време от първия ден на пролетта. Така че от днес, слагаме край на мрачното настроение и навъсените физиономии и откриваме сезона на усмивките. :) 

Честита пролет!


  1. how adorable!! very very inspiring and refreshing.. I'd really like to have a mini studio that looks like that.. as if a picnic is going on all day long..

    The Picnic Girl

  2. Прекрасно е! Толкова свежо, пролетно, пъстро...

  3. Честита пролет,Радостина!
    Нека винаги се наслаждаваме на твоите интересни публикации!

  4. Dear Radostina!! I wish you a great Spring time! Here, in Brazil, we have Autumm now. I hope your season be like these images: happy and colorful!


  5. Благодаря, момичета и вашата пролет да е много хубава!!! :)
    Thank Carmen I hope that your Autumn will be cozy and nice. MiyI hope that your dreams will become a true. ;)))
    Happy Spring :)

  6. That looks nice!

    I think the kitchen look nice!

    Have a nice spring!

  7. This is simply amazing! Images are so nice and the mood in them is so great, so fresh. Thank you for this lovely post, I enjoyed it very much!

  8. this just made my day! thanks for a happy, uplifting reminder of the beauty of spring... fresh, renewal.

  9. Ммм...прекрасно е!
    Честита пролет и на теб :)

  10. i love all the mixed patterns and COLOR. it was great to discover your blog through desire to inspire where we were both featured this week!!!

  11. We only have two seasons here in the Philippines but what can I say, I love spring already!


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